Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our Relaxing Weekend

Over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend we were invited by some friends to go to St George and do some golfing and relaxing. We stayed at their parents house in Kanab, and it really was such a fun time.
Darin golfed every day in the beautiful 60 degree weather.
I went shopping and spent a day at the Red Mountain Day Spa.
I spent the majority of the day here getting a massage and facial and reading in their relaxation room. It was so beautiful looking over the red rock mountains.
It was nice to just go and be pampered and I left feeling rejuvenated.
Even just driving from St George to Kanab was so nice. I loved just driving by myself, belting out my favorite songs with the windows down. And there were such great opportunites to stop and take pictures of the beautiful scenery.

We really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks Howard and Susan for your hospitality and Josh and Stephanie for inviting us. Now, could someone please pass me a carrot? Hehe.


Tara Thueson said...

Sooo.. how fun! You got a new camera! Which one did you get? I have a Nikon too! I love it :) Your pictures look great! ALSO.. what a great idea about cooking and freezing foods! I really need to start doing that. Mel Tripp (Snow) just made a months worth of dinner and you both have inspired me!! :)

Cardwell said...

Cool pics and what a great weekend! I'm jealous you got to go down there and pamper yourself!

The Steggells said...

How fun! Cute blog! It was great to see you guys last night! You're house is beautiful! Thanks for putting up with Kaden running ALL over your house! He had a lot of fun. Hope we can get together soon!

Dartay said...

What a fun trip! St. George is such a nice break from this bone chilling cold!

Steph said...

That was such a fun trip! Glad you guys could come with us, we still laugh about that game :)