Monday, January 4, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

Christmas was so great this year. It's so fun having a new baby in the house and made me think a lot more about the birth of Jesus Christ. We enjoyed spending time with our family. Normally my Mom's side of the family celebrates Christmas Eve at my Grandma's house. But as our family grows and grows it's gotten REALLY crowded. Half the time we're sitting on each other's laps, or so it seems. This year we decided to try something new. We held our Christmas Eve party at the clubhouse in our neighborhood and it was. a. blast! We spent the morning making cookies and preparing for the party.

When everyone got to the clubhouse the kids went sledding.

This is one of my favorite pictures of my niece. She's so beautiful. Brown eyes and killer lashes. She's going to be a heartbreaker.

People played games.

And just hung out.

We made candy choo choo trains.

And unlinke the post about Darins family Christmas party, this one has presents. And LOTS of them. It's almost a little bit ridiculous how many there are. But it's so fun seeing the look on the little kids faces as they open their gifts and play with them.

One of my crafty mama's creations.

And then when all was said and done, we cleaned up, went home and prepared for the arrival of Santa with my Niece who was staying the night at our house.

And came he did.

Santa was good to us this year.

Again, don't judge me. I SWEAR I'm not a bad garment wearer. Really, I don't selectively wear them when I feel like it. But I'm still getting used to the whole nursing thing and haven't had a chance to pick up the nursing garments yet.

My favorite gift that Darin got me. Matching necklaces for Nora and I, with our birthstones and a note talking about what our birthstones mean. I'll wear Nora's till she's big enough to take care of it herself. He always thinks of the sweetest things.

His favorite gift, a new golf driver. He swung it around all morning.

I also got studio lighting and am excited to use it in my photography adventures this year.

Then we packed all our gear up and headed to the millions of houses we needed to visit. Nothing like getting used to a new baby. It's like you're going on vacation every time you leave the house.

First stop, Darin's parents house.

Mollee with the tinkerbell blanket I made her. I love that she loves it.

Dad with the fishing blanket I made him.

Highlight of the morning:

Mollee opened her new Cars bike and exclaimed that it was a "boy kind". Sorry Mollee, that's what happens when you have a little brother on the way.

Next stop, visiting with my Dad. I only took a picture of him opening the quilt I made.

Then we hit up two grandparents houses.

 And finally made our way home to relax for the rest of the night.

I love that these cheeks are starting to get more chunky.

Nothing like kissing squishy cheeks.