Tuesday, January 5, 2010


(San Antonio River Walk in August)

My Mom left yesterday. She's been staying with us since I had Nora 6 1/2 weeks ago. It's bittersweet. Although it's nice to just be the 3 of us in our house for the first time, I miss her. I think her being here really kept me out of a slump I might have gotten into. It's easy to get depressed after a baby but having her here was such a help.

This picture was taken an hour after Nora was born. I called my Mom the minute my water broke and she sped here from Las Vegas in 5 hours. That's my mom. She's so supportive.

It's amazing to me that I'm a mother now. And I bet it's even more crazy to my mom who is a grandma 3 (almost 4) times over. Seeing her baby girl have her own baby was probably a bit surreal. We're all growing up now.

I think some people could say maybe I didn't have the best childhood. I was moved around a lot and taken in and out of different marriages. But I don't hold any of those things against my Mom. If anything, it's taught me to adapt to different situations and all life has to throw at me. Life is rarely stable, and you're always getting curveballs. She's taught me to take those curveballs and learn and grow from them. And no matter what she was always there for me.

She is a lover of life. There was numerous occasions where we would be sitting around the house on a Sunday, and she would pipe up and say "This is just the perfect day. I get to sit around the house while the snow is falling, working on a quilt. It doesn't get much better than this." She doesn't fail to notice the small things, and she's grateful for them.

Darin asked me if there was anything in particular I wanted him to say in Nora's blessing. I told him I wanted her to have a good temperment. I want her to be kind and accepting of those around her. This was something my Mom taught me growing up that I cherish now. Don't judge people. And I've tried to apply that to my life as I've grown up. I hope that Nora will always be kind to those around her. I hope that she will get to know people before she places an opinion on them. And I hope that she can be positive.

Mom, thank you so much for all your help. Doing the dishes in the morning, taking Nora when we both needed a break, just being here to support me. I'm extremely lucky to have you as my mom, even if you do get a little rambunctious at times. Pookie Bear misses you already and can't wait for you to come back.

I love you.


Anonymous said...

Ok, here I sit with tears pouring down my face!!! It was one of the best 6 1/2 weeks I could have asked for!!! I was so lucky to be able to be there for so long. I love you all and I miss my pookie bear soooo much!!

Love you lots,