Monday, January 4, 2010

Ring out the old...

We had a blast at our disco themed family New Year's Eve party. My mom and I spent the morning at the DI looking for our costumes and I found some real gems. Let's just say I'm happy we aren't in the 70's anymore.

The pants do not do anything wonderful for my backside. I was going for the whole Jackie Burkhart look and think I pulled it off pretty well. So well, that I won the best female overall award. My life is complete.

Savannah's pants were pretty groovy.

The kids were absolutely adorable.

We busted some pretty wicked dance moves.

And my lamo husband won the Responsible Adult award because he wouldn't dress up.

And because I can't resist posting another picture of my totally rad flower child.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year's Eve.

My new years resolution was to not make any, because I always end up breaking them anyway. What's yours?